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Beat the Bulge!

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So how many of us have been to the vets and someone, be it vet or nurse, have commented that out lovely pet is carrying just a little too much weight? Did you know that 70% of us say that our animals have never been overweight? Yet, according to one of the leading pet food brands, 59% of dogs and 39% of cats that are seen by vets in the UK are overweight.

This is a scary amount considering that it is proven that carrying too much weight is a danger to their health. It can make them feel uncomfortable, leading to them playing and being able to exercise less. It can cause an increase in pressure upon major organs and lead to heart and liver disease, cause diabetes and can have a severe impact on mobility. This all leads to a decrease in life expectancy.

So what can pet owners do to get their pets slimmer? Well, that’s easy, right? Let’s increase exercise and reduce food intake… I think we all know it’s never quite that easy! This is where we can help.

We offer a fantastic nurse clinic that is open to all clients who feel that their pet is carrying a little too much weight. It is open to pets who may even only be a tiny bit overweight but whose owners are finding it hard just to cut them down. We are able to tailor make plans to suit all pets and can even offer special prescription diets that help the slimming process.

If you feel that maybe this is something your pet may benefit from then please call and make your first appointment with one of the nurses.

We have some fantastic success stories.

Alice Bennett