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About Us

Fenton Vets has been providing veterinary care in  Pembrokeshire since 1950. The Practice (formerly known as Peters and Partners) was established to provide veterinary services to the county’s many varied farm animals. Over the years, the practice has grown and developed into a thriving centre for both farm animals and household pets. It is now one of the largest practices in Wales.

We were the first Practice in Pembrokeshire to provide separate dedicated vets to treat either farm animals or pets, both within and outside of opening hours. This ensures that the vet you see is familiar with your situation, management system, or pet’s health, allowing for the best up to date treatment at all times.

As part of our continuing drive for excellence and service, we also opened Fenton Vets in Pembroke Dock in early 2015. The small animal vet department will serve as a convenient base for farmers in South Pembrokeshire to pick up prescriptions. Our main practice in Haverfordwest has been newly renovated to the highest of standards. 

At Fenton, we are a part of XLVets. XLVets is a group of independently owned, progressive veterinary Practices around the UK, whose aim is to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care to all our patients.

Our Teams

Farm Animal Vets

From cows to sheep and goats, we can keep your farm and smallholding animals healthy.  Our large team of farm animal vets is fully dedicated to our clients, so there’s always someone on hand in an emergency.

Small Animal Vets

Our small animal vets are always around to make sure that your beloved family pet stays fit and healthy – from lizards and snakes, to cats and dogs – we will care for your animal in times of health and sickness.

Our Veterinary Nurses

And what about our veterinary nurses? Our large team of nurses are absolutely essential to the daily running of our Practice and the care of your pet. Their roles are wide and varied and we can think of no team better.

Practice Support Team

Last but by no means least – our Practice support team.  Our receptionists, clerks, stock managers and newly appointed groomers make sure that our vets’ and nurses’ days run smoothly and efficiently.

Fenton Veterinary Practice

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly veterinary team.