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Herd Health Planning is a major part of our service to beef clients at Fenton Vets. Utilising Farming Connect funding to subsidise advice has helped us to be on site more often and tailor make advice to suit individual client requirements.

Health planning covers all areas of animal management, increasing the efficiency of a farm in terms of decreased costs and improved production. Reviewing past performance and implementing measures for the future is very rewarding for farms where there is a good plan in place!

Plans include:

♦   Breeding Programmes

♦   Calf Health

♦   Infectious disease control programmes (For example BVD “tag and test”)

♦   Health Status accreditation

♦   Parasite Control

♦   Record Keeping

♦   Laboratory tests (eg. Calf scour / Faecal egg counts)

Obviously not all veterinary work can be planned for, so we offer a 24 HOUR ON CALL SERVICE.