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Calf Tracker

Give your future herd a head start in life

Calf Tracker is a brand new service to monitor the growth and health of dairy calves from birth to weaning. The service helps those that are looking at tackling a problem or are looking to improve their calf rearing to achieve the highest quality heifers.

What it Involves

The first visit will be with your vet and our Vet Tech Sophie. We will gather all of the background information as we need to understand how you already manage your calves. Every fortnight Sophie will come out and take samples to measure colostrum intake and record the weights of calves. Between these visits it is useful if you can record birth weights and and calf illnesses as the more information we gather the more we are able to tell you. For block calving herds the visits will be more concentrated over your calving window.

Calf Tracker Cornerstones 

◊   At the fortnightly visit our Vet Tech will measure the growth rates of your calves. This will be used to        calculate Daily Live Weight Gain.
◊   Colostrum - Blood samples from young calves tell us if the calves have had enough colostrum. We can      also check colostrum quality if you have some available.
◊   BENCH MARKING - All the data we collect is recorded and analysed so that we can give you feedback.      There will be small group meetings held every 3 months so that similar farms can anonymously               compare results and look at improvements.

If you are interested in finding out more about the calf tracker service, please talk to our vets or give us a call.

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