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Firstly, my apologies to all of you who may cringe about the topic I am going to write about, for many people the mere mention of snakes is enough to make their skin crawl. So, when I think of venomous snakes the locations that come to mind are; southern and central America, the Middle East,…

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What is pyometra? Pyometra literally means “pus in the womb” and is seen a lot less commonly these days due to increased awareness about neutering. It is a serious life-threatening condition which we still, however, see quite frequently. How can I tell if my bitch has pyometra? Pyometra, or “pyo “ for short, can present…

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Easter Poisoning Information

The following useful information has been provided by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and is particularly useful at this time of year now that Easter is upon us. Read a bit more about some key toxic things that may be around the house below:   Chocolate  We all know about the risks of chocolate…

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Alabama Rot (CRGV)

In recent years a new disease affecting dogs has been recognised in the UK. Cases most commonly appear between November and May, suggesting a possible winter seasonality. It has been reported in many counties across the UK. The disease was first recognised in America in the 1980′s where it was called ‘Alabama rot’ (or ‘Greenetrack…

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What Not to Give your Pets at Christmas

  Keep your pets safe this Christmas with this useful guide: Try to make sure everyone in the household is aware of these toxins and keep all dangers out of reach. If you are worried your pet may have eaten anything toxic over the festive period (or any other time!) then please get in touch….

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Pet Insurance

  Owning a pet is a privilege, and part of your responsibility as a pet owner is making sure that you can afford all the necessary bills associated with keeping your pet healthy and taking prompt action when they are unwell. If your pet is involved in an accident or has a serious lifelong illness,…

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Fireworks and Pets: Help Keep them Safe

  It will soon be the time of year when many people will enjoy the tradition of celebrating Halloween and November 5th with bonfires and fireworks. It is also the time of the year that many pet owners dread as many dogs and cats are very scared and anxious about loud noises. Add to this…

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Beat the Bulge!

  So how many of us have been to the vets and someone, be it vet or nurse, have commented that out lovely pet is carrying just a little too much weight? Did you know that 70% of us say that our animals have never been overweight? Yet, according to one of the leading pet…

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What are the PetPlan Awards?

  What are they? Petplan has worked closely with the veterinary profession for over 40 years and sees first hand each day the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK. In recognition of this, they have been awarding the best practices, vets, nurses, and receptionists with their veterinary awards. These awards…

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A few of our dairy clients

The Big Transition: Large to Small

  It’s coming up to 8 years now since I qualified as a vet (time flies!). During my early years, I was predominantly a farm animal vet. My average day could consist of treating a couple of sick cows, performing some pregnancy scans, a calving and the odd surgery here and there such as a…

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