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There are several different methods of milk production in Pembrokeshire. Large, intensive producers; spring calving, grass-based producers; autumn calving herds; organic farms; conventional year ‘round calving herds. Nutrition, Fertility and attention to Animal Welfare form the bedrock of successful milk production in all systems.

The veterinary approach to each system is very different, however, and the service we provide to each of our clients reflects this. All of our dairy farms are encouraged to have frequent, routine veterinary visits with the same vets, ensuring that health issues can be monitored regularly. There are no call out fees for these visits.

A selection of services we offer

♦   Health planning, including drawing up on farm protocols and vaccination regimes.

♦   Training services to engage all members of staff on farms (Farming Connect funding available).

♦   Whole Herd Investigations (Farming Connect funding available)

♦   All vets carry Ultrasound scanners

♦   In-house laboratory

♦   Mastitis Bacteriology and investigation

♦   Locomotion scoring

♦   Data analysis (eg. NMR software)

We believe in being an active part of the team on farms and work with nutritionists, semen companies, foot trimmers, milking parlour engineers and many more!