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Personal Information Charter

Our Standards for Requesting or Storing Personal Information


- Who is in control of your personal data

- Your privacy

- How we may use your data

- Sharing your data

- How we process your personal data

- Personal information requests

- Contact

Who is in control of your personal data:

We take seriously the way we store and use your personal information and how we meet our legal obligations.

Your personal data will be protected in line with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1988.  Fenton Vets provides the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) with details about its processing of personal data.

Your privacy

When we ask for your personal information we promise to:

- Tell you why we need it

- Only ask for what we need

- Protect it and hold it securely

- Tell you if we are going to share it with other organisations, with the aim of providing a better service, and if you can say no to this

- Not keep it any longer than necessary

- Not make it available for commercial use without your permission, unless we are required to make it available on a public register

In return, we ask you to:

- Give us accurate information

- Tell us as soon as possible if there are any changes, such as a new address, telephone number, email address

This helps us to keep your information reliable and up-to-date. When we ask you for information, we will keep to the law, including the Data Protection Act (1998).

How we may use your data

-We collect and process information so we can carry out our responsibilities in animal health, animal welfare, disease monitoring, public health, conservation and compliance with marketing regulations.

- We may use your data for the following:

- Investigate and report positive results for notifiable or reportable disease

- Monitor the possible spread of disease and inform risk assessments

- Consultations/visits/inspections required to protect animals and animal welfare

- Develop disease control measures

- Inform the Veterinary Medicines Directorate of a suspected adverse reaction to a pharmaceutical product

- Produce guidance and reports

- Client research to improve our services

- Dealing with legal claims against us and fraud prevention

- Use of IT servicing of data systems

- Ensuring our administrative and IT systems are secure and robust against unauthorised access

- Maintaining up-to-date personal data to ensure effective correspondence and contact points in the event of an emergency

Sharing your data:

Personal data may be made available to local authorities and other public bodies in the UK and EU to meet legal requirements

We may share data with Defra, Iechyd da, RSPCA, other Charities to include Cats Protection League, Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Xl Vets, Local Government and other organisations/bodies, manufacturers and enforcement authorities.

We may have to release information (including personal data and commercial information under the following legislation:

- Data Protection Act 1998

- Freedom of Information Act 2000

However, we will not allow any unwarranted breach of confidentiality and we will not act in contravention of our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Personal information requests

To request your personal information, write to the Practice Manager at:

Fenton Veterinary Practice Limited
21 Portfield
SA61 1BN

In your request, provide:

- As many details as possible about the information you require

- A cheque for £10 made payable to Fenton Vets to cover the DPA 1998 fee

Please note that we may ask you to provide proof of your identity.


If you have a query or complaint about Fenton Vets’ handling of your personal information, you can contact practice.manager@fentonvets.co.ukor address written enquiries to:

Practice Manager
Fenton Veterinary Practice Limited
21 Portfield
SA61 1BN

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner.