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Dogs Trust Subsidised Neutering for Dogs

The Dogs Trust (a well respected animal charity, formerly NCDL) operate a subsidised neutering scheme. We are delighted to support this charitable scheme, and will carry out the operations for eligible owners. Owners contribute an amount towards the cost of the operation (£35 for a spay or castration as of September 2017), with the charity and the Practice taking care of the remainder.

Neutering has many benefits. Please see our neutering page for further information on these.

To be eligible, you must be on a means-tested benefit (see below). Contact us, or visit the Dogs Trust website for more information.

Benefits that Qualify

♦   Income Support

♦   Housing Benefit

♦   Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

♦   Council Tax Reduction/Council Tax Support

♦   Jobseeker’s Allowance

♦   Child Tax Credit

♦   Working Tax Credit

♦   Pension Credit

♦   Universal Credit

Breeds that Qualify

♦   Staffordshire Bull Terrier

♦   Mastif

♦   Rottweiler

♦   American Bull Dog

♦   Greyhound

♦   Lurcher

♦   Akita

♦   Husky

♦   Malamute

♦   German Shepard

♦   Collie

♦   Jack Russell Terrier

♦   Samoyed

♦   Crossbreeds whose primary breed is identifiable above

Owners can contact us directly to book in, but must bring proof of benefit received on the day.

There are occasions when Free Neutering vouchers are issued – usually by the Dog Warden. We can supply their contact details if required; please ask.

Farm Dog Neutering Scheme

The Dogs Trust also provide neutering at a reduced rate of £35 for farm dogs; this does not require you to be in receipt of means tested benefits. You must, however, have an agricultural holding number and bring it with you on the day of the operation.

We are proud to be supporting this scheme, to promote the welfare of farm dogs.

Contact Us for more information.