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Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are seen by a twice weekly visiting vet Lance Jepson (Tuesdays & Fridays), who has developed an interest and greater expertise in treating reptiles, birds, fish, small mammals, and other less common species.

He has made many TV appearances, like A Very Exotic Vet on ITV Wales and X-Ray on BBC Wales and has also authored many books on exotics.

Visit Origin Vets, veterinary referral and consultancy services, for further information.


LanceLance Jepson

I am not really a Fenton Vets vet … I am an Origin Vets! My photo is included here for your own admiration..(!) and because you may see me on Tuesday and Fridays treating unusual pets (and sometimes on the telly). I am a roving exotics vet, and treat things with scales, feathers, gills and just about anything else.