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The Farm Animal Team


David Lewis (Director)Dave

I was born and raised on a small dairy farm near Tenby, and after graduating at RVC London and spending two years in Cheshire, I returned to my beloved Pembrokeshire joining Peters and Partners (now Fenton) in 1988. A typical mixed practice then, Fenton has grown considerably over the years, now concentrating solely on Farm and Companion animal work and as a “local country boy” it is the former path to which I have taken! I enjoy all aspects of farm work but have a strong leaning towards the cattle side of the business and over the years I have been privileged to work with and get to know some great “characters” in the local rural community! An avid football fanatic I can still be found on Saturday afternoons on local football pitches, but sadly now it is only on the touchline, the knees now having finally “gone”!

Richard  Davies (Director) 

I am originally from North Wales, although this has not hindered my integration into the fabric of Pembrokeshire life. Allegedly younger than Dave! I graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1985 then moved down to Pembrokeshire. After a brief spell working in Warwickshire I joined Peters and Partners in 1989. After initially working on all species, I briefly specialised in equine work, before committing solely to agricultural species in 2007, and have had the privilege of working with the Pembs. farming community and made some great friends in the process. I enjoy playing tennis and golf in my spare time without seemingly getting any better at either! 

Mike John (Director)

I am a Bristol graduate of this millennium, making me the young blood of the outfit. I am a local lad from a farming family, and unwrapped the veterinary equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket by getting into Bristol Vet School. I haven’t looked back since: I spent a few years in cosmopolitan Malmesbury in Wiltshire, but the siren call of the West compelled me to return in 2004. I hold the RCVS Certificate in Cattle Health and Productivity which supposedly means I know how to use a lot of different kinds of graphs on the computer, as well as get those ‘cows-a-milking’!

Alex Cooper

I qualified from Bristol University in 2004, and joined the team at Fenton in the summer of that year. Apart from the more usual farm animal, I have a keen interest in camelids and backyard poultry. In my spare time, you can find me racing around the highways and byways of Pembrokeshire in training for my next triathlon.

Kristy Hughes (Syer)

I graduated in 2005 from the University of Bristol, and joined Fenton’s in 2010 after 5 years in Montgomery, Powys. I have a keen interest in sheep and beef production, and hold the RCVS certificate in Sheep Health and Production. I am a full on large animal vet, right down to my ‘love ‘n’hate’ style knuckle tattoos (actually read B.E.E.F and L.A.M.B).

Sharon Wainwright (Owen)

I was brought up locally on the family dairy farm. I graduated from The Royal Veterinary College London in 2004 and returned to West Wales to work in farm practice, before going to New Zealand to work in dairy practice for 12 months. I joined Fenton Vets in 2007, and am currently working primarily  in an advisory role for preventative medicine within the practice. This includes a significant workload as a Farming Connect mentor (an agricultural advisory service supported by the Welsh Government and the EU).

Ignacio Galvez Rosso

I qualified from Cordoba University (Spain) in 2007. After practicing in several fields and countries, I found myself here, in lovely Wales, in 2012. I have been part of the team at Fenton since summer 2013. Professionally, my main interests are bovine fertility and medicine, although I enjoy doing a bit of everything.

Matt Squires

I grew up in Cheshire and studied at Bristol Vet School. Prior to this, I obtained a biology degree from Nottingham University: focusing on parasitic intestinal worms. Between these two periods of study, I spent some time working with animals, and alongside vets, in some more remote parts of the world. I enjoy being in/on the water and playing rugby for Narberth RUFC 2nd XV.

Brendan Griffin

I graduated from University College Dublin and joined Fenton Vets to carry out TB control work in 2002 for a short time … Twelve years later I am still here as a key part of the large animal team. I pride myself on my efficiency and co-operation in dealing with the difficult problem of bTB control. Outside of work, I am kept busy with a young family. .

Josh Batterham

I moved down to Pembrokeshire after graduating from Bristol University in August 2013, and have seen a lot of dairy and beef practice around the Bath area. Although I am from a sheep farming background, I’m keen to get involved in all aspects of farm work, and am particularly interested in calf rearing and lameness issues. I have recently moved into Narberth where I am playing Rugby for the 2nd team when time allows.

Cris Martinez

I graduated from Lugo University in 2010 (a cold and wet place in North Spain.), I have always shown an interest in Large animals, working with equine in my first years as a new graduate. I moved to UK in 2012, spending time in Norwich, Shrewsbury and London, before settling in beautiful Pembrokeshire. My main interests are bio security and calf rearing. In my spare time, you will find me down the beach: swimming, surfing or just walking and enjoying the view.