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An Early Mystery Solved

A sobering thought but 15 years ago to this very day I graduated from Bristol Vet School! I thought I should share one of many stories that I have of mistakes during my first 2 years of practice in Wiltshire. On this particular day, someone telephoned in about a swan that was found dead and…

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A Look Back at the 2017 County Show

  The Pembrokeshire County Show has come and gone for another year. It was another successful year for Fenton Vets as we won Reserve Best Tradestand, following on from our result last year winning Best Small Tradestand. Competitions we held this year at the stand included “guess the staff members baby photo”, “link the staff…

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A Day in the Life of a Fenton Vets Receptionist

  How can we describe a typical day in the life of a Receptionist at Fenton Vets? Well, there isn’t one! Our day starts at 8.00am where we get the Practice ready for the day ahead.  Checking the consulting rooms and making sure everything is ship shape.  We deliver a 24hour service, so when we…

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PetPlan Veterinary Awards 2018

The PetPlan Veterinary Awards 2018 are open for nominations! It’s been a big couple of years for us, and we’re really pleased with how the new practice is looking and running, and how well our Pembroke branch has integrated into Fenton. We’d really appreciate a nomination if you feel the same way. Thanks in advance! Link…

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Health and Safety during TB Testing

  Whilst flicking through the farming press in an attempt to put off having to write this blog post, I came across some unsettling recent statistics from the Health and Safety Executive, revealing farming to be the ‘Most dangerous profession in the UK’. 27 fatalities at work were reported in 2016/2017, with the number of…

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Those More Unusual Sheep Patients

Last week was a very unusual week for me. Just one small tracer TB test in the whole week! So I got the chance to see different things during the week, I even saw a few sheep, yay! Usually, we only see sheep in the lambing season or if a few sheep in the flock…

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Fleas, Tickes and Worms… Oh my!

  It was once thought that parasite problems were a seasonal thing. But year on year it is becoming more apparent that parasites do not mind what time of year it is, especially if they have a nice warm environment to live in and an unwilling Host to feed on. Whether it’s Fleas, Ticks, Mites…

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A Tale of a Problematic Tooth

  Winston (seen above) is a very cute Daschund puppy, currently weighing just 2.8kg He has a slight dental malocclusion: his lower jaw is shorter than the upper, and this has resulted in his lower right temporary puppy tooth being in an abnormal position. In this case, it has started to rub the tooth above…

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