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Dave from HeartVets regularly visits our practice, providing expert cardiology care to our patients. He is the only RCVS Recognised Specialist in Cardiology in South Wales, having achieved the highest level of training in veterinary medicine. As part of HeartVets, Dave sees patients from across South Wales as well as helping to run their online diagnostics service. He has published multiple articles in top-tier academic journals and has active research projects in many areas of veterinary cardiology. He teaches cardiology to local vets and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences. 
HeartVets provide an expert, Specialist-level, friendly and approachable cardiology service to patients across the south west of England and Wales, as well as a worldwide online cardiology diagnostics service including Holter rental and analysis. We have a team of dedicated Registered Veterinary Nurses who are always available to help arrange referrals. We perform interventional cardiology (pacemakers and correction of congenital cardiac disease using keyhole surgery techniques) and provide 24-hour phone and emergency case cover. We put patient care at the forefront of our ethos and strive to always be available to provide advice. Contact us directly by email (admin@heartvets.co.uk) or phone (0800 999 4333). 

You can see upcoming HeartVets clinic dates on their website, here.

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