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We use safe and comfortable microchips about the size of  a grain of rice and insert them between the shoulder blades at the back on the neck (in dogs and cats). Read more about them here.

The procedure can be done by a vet or a nurse in a normal appointment. Microchips can also be fitted whilst your pet is in with us having a procedure under anaesthetic, for example it is sometimes done on the same day as  as neutering.

The microchip contains a unique number to your pet and can be read easily with a handheld scanner. All microchips inserted at Fenton vets are registered on a central database where your details are securely held. In the event of your pet getting lost, you have peace of mind that when found he/she will be quickly reunited with you.

Other more exotic pets can also be microchipped, This is generally done by our visiting exotic animal vets as they may require a short anaesthetic.