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We use several laboratories, such as the VLA Carmarthen, to help with further diagnostics, to include:

♦   Herd BVD eradication programmes

♦   Metabolic profile bloods for monitoring nutrition of dairy cows

♦   Trace element status within a herd or flock

Where possible, however, we try to do the further diagnostic tests ourselves in our own Farm Animal Laboratory. This reduces turn-around time, is usually cheaper and also has the advantage of immediate testing rather than a postage induced delay, which can sometimes lead to adversities in results.

Common “in house” Tests

♦   Mastitis Bacteriology and Sensitivity

♦   Milk antibiotic testing (Beta Star)

♦   Blood Biochemistry (for example Calcium and Magnesium blood levels in a down cow)

♦   Worm and Fluke egg counts (including resistance testing for worms)

♦   Coccidial oocyst counts

♦   Neonatal calf scour tests (rotavirus / coronavirus / e. coli K99 / cryptosporidiosis)

♦   Total Protein as a measure of colostral transfer in the neonate

 amongst others.