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The Big Transition: Large to Small

A few of our dairy clients


It’s coming up to 8 years now since I qualified as a vet (time flies!). During my early years, I was predominantly a farm animal vet. My average day could consist of treating a couple of sick cows, performing some pregnancy scans, a calving and the odd surgery here and there such as a caesarean. I really enjoyed my time as a farm animal vet, driving around the countryside, having a catch up with farmers (the odd cup of tea and if lucky bacon sandwich!)

4 years ago I started work as a locum in a small animal practice in Australia. It was certainly a challenge making the move into small animal practice. Farm animals tend to be herbivores so their anatomy can be very different from dogs and cats, and the diseases that affect them are often very different. There were however many skills that I was able to transfer across into small animal work such as client communication- discussing cases, and general surgical skills, though surgery on cows tends to be on a much bigger scale!

I do reminisce about the good old days as a farm vet, however, I have recently made the decision to stay with small animal. I thoroughly enjoy small animal practice especially surgery and medical work ups. Also when the weathers particularly rough, I’m pleased to be inside!


Pete Howe