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Worms are very common in pets. They cause problems in cats and dogs, sometimes making them very ill. Worms can also be picked up by people and lead to serious illness (this can include blindness in children). To protect your pet’s and your family’s health, use only good quality products and use them regularly. 

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We use the best and safest anesthetics and electronic monitoring equipment in our operating theatres.  Young dogs, cats, and rabbits recover very quickly after the anesthetic and surgery. We use hidden, absorbable skin sutures where possible. In most cases, you will not see the stitches, and suture removal is not required.

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Fleas and Ticks

The flea is the most common cause of skin irritation in dogs and cats and often adds to the discomfort of pets with other itchy skin problems. They also are an intermediate host for some kinds of tapeworm.

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Travel Sickness

Travel sickness can be a problem in dogs. This can be reduced, or prevented completely, by making changes in how you travel. In some cases, the use of medicines may be necessary.

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Heat Stroke

Heat stroke can affect dogs and cats on warm days, not just the hottest days.  Some dogs have particular problems staying cool (Boxers or other short-nosed dogs, overweight animals, those with heart or respiratory disease).

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Animals are notorious for eating things they shouldn’t. Just because it is good for us, it does not mean it’s good for them! You may not know for example that onions, grapes, raisins and chewing gum are all very toxic to pets.

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